Invisalign Dentist

About Us

Do you have misaligned teeth or gap teeth and trying out various treatments? Are you not properly able to maintain your oral hygiene? Well if you answer in affirmative for both the questions and want an efficient as well as a reliable solution for them, you would want to visit us at our clinic. Clinique Chloe aesthetic-medicine was founded in 2015 by one of our eminent doctors. Since then we have actually offered customized treatment for a number of patients. We offer outstanding dental care services that include Invisalign clear aligner treatment, various teeth whitening solutions and even more. Along with beautiful physical appearance we also target at adding a perfection element to your smile. Smile is one prominent element of a person which says so much about that person's personality. We want individuals to know your genuine personality by assisting you to maintain complete oral hygiene.

Our modern clinic fulfills the highest requirements in the industry for patient safety. It is spacious to provide you with the highest level of comfort while you visit us. Not only the infrastructure we have also emphasize on developing innovative tools to show patients the progress of their therapies. We include a good alternative for teeth alignment or straightening treatment. We offer traditional treatment along with Invisalign treatment. To add an interesting aspect to traditional treatment we provide a large range of braces colors. We provide common colors such as blue, eco-friendly, orange, red or you could just mix various colors as well as create your own combination. Exactly how interesting is that! We have an appropriate collection of adult braces too. To ensure that you don't need to compromise with your lifestyle over dental treatment. We offer transparent Invisalign aligners if you wish to keep everything minimalist as well as aesthetic. Our professional orthodontists are very experienced to deal with dental problems such as:

- Crowded teeth

- Gap teeth

- Crooked teeth

- Crossbite

- Overbite

- Open bite

- Underbite

- General teeth straighten treatment

If you have any of the above mentioned dental problems you can visit us immediately. We make sure that you'll receive the very best treatment there is to resolve your dental issues.

At our clinic, we also offer dental whitening system. We follow a proper teeth whitening treatment to offer you sparkling white teeth in a matter of days. We offer carbamide peroxide teeth whitening treatment which has become very popular from the last two decades. We ensure that every treatment we offer or every single agent used in the treatment is of the best quality to ensure that there are less plausible chances for any type of side effects. We will certainly perform a complete check-up before even planning the treatment. You will certainly be asked for your medical history, any kind of allergies or for teeth sensitivity of any kind. Collecting such data allows us to prepare a proper and one of the most effective treatment plan for you as every patient is different from the other. But our high-class performance, high-quality treatment, economical treatment and also patient care remains the same.